Modeling Information

Young Buck Photo is always accepting modeling applications for new talent to shoot. One of the first things you should do if you’re interested in modeling for us, is to go to the Portfolio page and take a look at our work. Make sure that we’re a stylistic and content match for the photos you’re looking to do.

If you think we’re a match, use the convenient form here┬áto send us some information about yourself, and we’ll reply back.

Model Compensation

Model compensation is calculated through a consideration of a models overall talent profile. Payment rate is based off of a models physique, attitude, shooting options, shooting experience, camera presence, and ability to follow instructions.

Just as an example to contrast some options: a model who only wanted to do an underwear shoot, with no face shown and had no previous experience would make less than a model who wanted to do full frontal and had 10 shoots experience.

Model Guidelines

General guidelines are that models should be physically fit, have few and tasteful, high-quality tattoos, and be comfortable with the idea of being naked in front of another man. Candidates should also have reasonably clear skin. There are no height requirements, eye color requirements, endowment requirements, or BMI requirements.

Young Buck Photo specializes in male photography and is only accepting submissions for males at this time. Sorry, ladies.